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Market Research

Understanding your audience and knowing what is important to them are paramount in today’s marketplace. We’re good listeners and careful investigators, using information from market research, focus groups, consumer testing and interviews to guide our discovery of all the things important to the brand. Including: Product + Service Testing, Online Surveys, One-on-One Interviews, Focus Groups, Data Summary, Analysis and Reporting.


Brand Development

Establishing the brand story and developing strategies to deliver it to the target market are critical. We create engaging, multi-platform experiences to tell the story of your brand and produce the desired results. Our team is skilled in discovering what makes your brand unique, and then capitalizing on those qualities in the design and messaging. Including: Brand Strategy, Naming Strategy, Brand Story Development, Positioning Statements and Company Manifestos.


Brand Design + Messaging

Once the research has been completed, and the brand strategy is clear, we focus on the “words and pictures” by applying our design expertise and copywriting skills to create the brand visuals and messaging. A picture does paint a thousand words, but when there are words, we make sure they count. Including: Company + Product Identity, Brand Names, Taglines, Logotypes, Iconography and Brand Identifiers.


Brand Application

Once the brand design and messaging are established we apply them to all of the applicable business communications. When needed we create brand guidelines for proper application ensuring a consistent standard and helping make the brand easy for your customers to identify. Including: Business Stationery, Company Collateral, Marketing Materials, Advertising, Environmental Graphics, Signage, Brand Standard Guidelines.


Brand Management

Once the brand is established and applied across all applicable communication channels, it needs to be maintained, managed for consistency and groomed for growth. This is especially important given the multiple platforms and pipelines we get our information from today. Including: Product Marketing, Public Relations, Promotion, Brand Expansions and Marketing Strategy.


Mobile + Web

Search optimized websites and device responsive applications are only the beginning. Customers want to connect with your business in all the ways most convenient for them. We work with clients to understand their specific needs, and then establish the most strategic solutions to succeed in these constantly evolving marketspaces. Including: Website Design, WordPress Site Creation + Management, Online Marketing, Social Media Consultation, Content Development and Self Service Kiosk Design.


Marketing Communications

If you already have an established brand identity, we can help create all forms of visual communications materials to help support it. We have a strong history of working with corporations and nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their design and marketing goals. We’re happy to work with your in-house team or serve as that team for you. Including: Campaign Development, Marketing Strategy, Brochures + Newsletters, Catalogs + Magazines, Special Events, Trade Show Exhibits, Illustration and Copywriting.



When advertising to support the brand, we make effective use of your advertising budget. Our knowledge of advertising channels, and our network of contacts in the marketplace, help us navigate the options and recommend what makes sense for your goals. Including: Advertising Strategy, Online Advertisements, Print Advertisements, Outdoor Billboards, Direct Mail Campaigns, POP Displays, Messaging and Copywriting.



Design is everything, everything is design. We love design. It is the fuel that fires the passion behind everything we do. Sometimes it’s in your face and sometimes you never notice it…even though it’s in your face. Design is the basis for the aesthetic, the framework that guides the way and the foundation on which we build brand success. Including: Books, Posters, Special Event Branding, Product Packaging, Banner Graphics, Map Design and Environmental Graphics.

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